Hi, I’m Nadia, a UX designer!

By day I design GitLab, an open-core DevOps platform. By night I do digital illustration. Creative expression is what lights me up, and I'm always open to learning about new opportunities.

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About me

Life is my favorite art project. Whether I'm working with a world-class team building a complex application, creating funky illustrations, or designing my home office, I see everything I do as an opportunity for authentic creative self-expression. If you're feeling that vibe, we'll get along!

I live a moderately nomadic lifestyle and prefer to move with the sun. My perfect life includes a house within walking distance to a nice beach with waves, freedom to work where and when I like, and a like-minded tribe of people surrounding me.

If you want to check out my latest UX Design work, you can see everything I do (literally everything) on my GitLab timeline. My latest illustrations and physical products are available in my shop society6.com/printsandpixels You can also check out my Instagram for more illustrations and a glimpse into my process.

When I'm not making stuff, I like doing yoga, cooking, or exploring new places.

If you think we should co-create something awesome together, let me know!

Current location: Bangkok, Thailand

Projects and opportunities I'm interested in

  • Software that enables creators. Think GitLab, GitHub, Figma, Miro, Procreate, Affinity and the like.
  • Digital illustration projects.
  • Creative surface design.

Fave tools

Wanna know more?

What to know more about my design process? Have an exciting project that could use my help? Drop me a line and let's chat!

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